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Tabcorp’s Casinos Division bets on SumTotal to strengthen compliance, enhance customer service

SumTotal Enterprise Suite selected to train 8,000 employees, saving time, money and resources

(15 June 2006) Tabcorp’s Casinos Division, part of Tabcorp Holdings Limited, is building upon its strong culture of compliance by using the TotalLMS 7.1 product from SumTotal (Nasdaq: SUMT) to save time, money and resources in the training of staff and new recruits about the Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Gaming, as well as other training initiatives.

Meeting strict regulatory obligations is a critical business imperative for Tabcorp’s casinos and the company believes SumTotal will help it achieve faster compliance and substantially better learning outcomes than with traditional methods.

SumTotal’s Learning Management System (LMS) will be initially implemented at Sydney’s Star City Casino as part of a comprehensive learning strategy that is the first of its kind in Australia’s gaming and entertainment industry.

Tabcorp believes the new system will provide online delivery, assessment and reporting on key learning requirements necessary to meet casino regulatory obligations as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), as well as regulations from the NSW Casino Control Authority and, in the future, Queensland Office of Gaming Regulations.

Compliance training subjects developed, delivered, tracked and managed through TotalLMS will include Occupational Health & Safety, Code of Conduct, Equal Employment Opportunity and Preventing Workplace Harassment, among many others. Tabcorp also plans to deliver, manage and track pre-employment training for new recruits.

Tabcorp plans to deploy the 8,000-user system at all its casino properties over a three-year period. Its first phase, Star City, will be followed by implementations at Conrad Jupiters on the Gold Coast, Conrad Treasury in Brisbane and Jupiters Townsville.

SumTotal solution “the most flexible”

“We knew of SumTotal’s strong track record in Australia and New Zealand, and found that, of all the solutions we looked at, SumTotal’s TotalLMS was the most flexible. It easily integrated with our back-end systems,” Tabcorp’s General Manager for Human Resources in the Casinos Division, Bruce Mulligan, said.

“As a result of implementing TotalLMS, we believe our staff will be better trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Gaming, and we will spend less time, money and resources to achieve substantially better outcomes,” he said.

Other key benefits of the solution include:

  • Standardisation and consolidation of training efforts. TotalLMS allows Tabcorp casinos to develop courseware that can be shared across the enterprise. As well as facilitating delivery of the same message for all corporate policies, this also establishes a framework for managing the casino’s learning materials and the educational requirements for each and every employee.

    “SumTotal’s ability to support multiple domains lets us cater for casino-specific business rules and workflows, all in a single application. This will ensure consistency and cost-effectiveness across all our casinos. And by centralising the management of learning outcomes, we can ensure uniform training and homogenous results,” Mulligan explained.

    Tabcorp feels the new system will reduce its dependency on external trainers, and the resources needed to develop, deliver and update online content, while the casinos’ many manual databases, used to record employee training within departments, will be consolidated for added efficiency.

    The SumTotal solution also gives Tabcorp’s casinos the opportunity to expand its use of RTO-accredited programs.

  • Improved reporting, analysis and audit-ability. Key to the new LMS’s value is its ability to provide Tabcorp with auditable records and certifications as required, and because it comes from a single data source, improved accuracy. This can result in dramatic improvements in training reporting and analysis across the division – whether internal monthly reports or external reports to bodies such as the Casino Control Authority.

    “Being an RTO, our standards need to set the benchmark in our industry, and our reports must be clear and transparent,” said Mulligan. “SumTotal’s LMS reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance by automating the certification process. It will also centrally track and report on all compliance activities.”

    Casino managers will also be able to easily create their own divisional reports, further reducing time and effort.

  • Reduced operating costs. The SumTotal LMS reduces training administration and the time to compile reports. This means more time and resources can be applied to adding value to learners within the training environment.

    It can improve cost control over the development and management of online learning content, reduce classroom time (and therefore time away from the workplace) and eliminate costly external hosting costs.

    The new system also provides Tabcorp with a cost-effective and easily scalable solution that can expand as needed to other casinos, or across other divisions of Tabcorp Holdings, without additional hardware costs.

    Con J. Kittos, CEO and chairman of SumTotal Australia & New Zealand, said, “We are extremely excited to be working with Tabcorp and with Star City, which is leading the way in a very robust, competitive industry.

    “Star City’s adoption of e-learning is recognition not only of the efficacy of technology-enabled learning – particularly in meeting regulatory obligations – but also, and more importantly, the value Tabcorp places on its employees in realising its corporate vision to become Australia's premier provider of leisure and entertainment.”

For more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Training secrets from the ‘Best Bank’

How online learning helped St.George Bank achieve a 20-fold increase in staff training and boost regulatory compliance while cutting costs by 25%

St.George Bank, a successful competitor in a domestic market dominated by Australia’s four largest banks, owes its success to service differentiation driven by product innovation and personalised customer care.

Traditionally the bank invested around 2% of its salary budget in staff development. But its management was increasingly frustrated by limited results achieved through conventional education. Training was generally restricted to entry-level induction and systems instruction for frontline customer service officers. Only two out of the bank’s seven divisions had formal training programs, and these were more tactical than strategic, while on the supply side St.George Bank had a fragmented network of some 770 training providers.

Overall, the bank felt it was generating little return on its A$13 million annual investment in training.

To address these low returns, St.George Bank partnered with SumTotal to develop a flexible online learning solution that today underpins a comprehensive blended learning strategy. Driven by an initial imperative to halve training costs, St.George moved all staff development to an e-learning platform powered by SumTotal System’s Aspen Suite.

The result was e-luminate, an award-winning online education environment that boosted training output 20-fold and extended staff development coverage to every business unit and every employee up to senior executive level. E-learning helped reduce training costs by approximately 25%, delivering a bottom-line saving in excess of A$3 million per annum together with vastly expanded business capabilities.

St.George Bank now regards e-learning as critical to its future competitiveness and is currently developing plans to roll out an online education program for business partners to further boost its market presence and revenue opportunities.

This white paper describes the challenges St.George Bank faced, the solution it built in partnership with SumTotal and the benefits that followed.

To view this white paper please click <here> and for more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

E-learning brings small-business owners up to speed quickly on MYOB

Small-business owners benefit from online training on the popular MYOB accounting software thanks to the power of SumTotal's ToolBook

(30 April 2005)  Time-poor small-business owners struggling to make full use of MYOB accounting software because they can’t afford the time away from their businesses to attend structured classes can now be expertly trained on the package anytime, anywhere through an interactive online training package. Australia's Intuitive Training Solutions, specialist training providers run by practicing chartered accountants, has developed learning software simulations for delivery to MYOB customers using leading desktop authoring software, ToolBook, from SumTotal. As a certified MYOB consultant, Intuitive Training Solutions is committed to providing innovative and practical solutions to streamline financial and accounting processes for small-business owners who purchase MYOB software. 

The company’s training packages are designed and developed by practicing chartered accountants and bookkeepers who head up a successful Melbourne practice. Sharron Kyroussis, Director of Intuitive Training Solutions, said: “We looked at a couple of authoring packages to develop the training package and SumTotal’s ToolBook Instructor package was by far the easiest to use and the most widely available. It was an easy decision.”

ToolBook Instructor provides a comprehensive authoring solution to create software application simulations. ToolBook’s smart software application simulation recorder and easy-to-use simulation editor help customers quickly develop effective, interactive simulations that automatically assess and record user performance through SCORM and AICC standards. Users can author once and then deploy simulations in any combination of demonstration, practice or assessment modes. “We are not software developers but accountants, and we easily picked up the skills to develop the software using ToolBook. It enabled us to quickly develop effective software application simulations, and rich, interactive content,” she added. For more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Telecom New Zealand and AAPT boost customer service and sales readiness with e-learning

Telecom NZ’s mobile service deploys Aspen productivity suite to increase channel effectiveness, improve consistency and quality of training across Asia Pacific

(11 November 2004) Telecom NZ and AAPT have implemented the Aspen learning management system (LMS) as part of an ongoing commitment to provide better customer service. The innovative approach involves educating and training over 4,000 Telecom staff, and 3,000 front-line retail staff, on mobile products and services before they are even launched to the public.  A further 1,000 e-learning licences have also been purchased to train staff at Telecom’s subsidiary in Australia, AAPT. According to the training manager of Telecom’s channel productivity division, Bridgette Dalzell, “Not only has e-learning enabled Telecom to cost effectively raise standards and consistency of training, it has improved salesforce readiness by cutting training time by up to a week for over1,000 staff and channel partners. For more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Merged e-learning heavy weights appoint SumTotal Australia & New Zealand as Australasian partner

Local organisation selected as exclusive partner of world’s largest provider of learning and business-performance technologies, services and processes

(8 November 2004) The partnership between Australian-based Angus Knight Learning and US e-learning vendor Click2learn Inc has been re-launched as SumTotal Australia & New Zealand. The re-branding from Click2learn Asia Pacific to SumTotal Australia & New Zealand follows the merger earlier this year of global e-learning heavy weights, Click2learn Inc and Docent, which created the world’s largest business-performance and learning-technology provider: SumTotal Systems Inc (NASDAQ: SUMT). The new, US-based organisation is now the world’s largest business-performance and learning-technology vendor, with over 40 per cent of Fortune 50 and 35 per cent of Global 50 organisations respectively, and more than 100 e-learning customers with more than 10,000 learners. These organisations rely on learning technology to achieve business results like improved salesforce readiness, regulatory compliance (such as FSRA and OH&S), reduced training expenses, and increased customer service. In Australia and New Zealand, the corporation’s partnership with Angus Knight Learning has delivered a wide range of implementation, hosting, support, training and professional services to clients using the Aspen enterprise-productivity suite since 2002. For more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

ACC selects SumTotal’s Aspen suite to improve staff training nationwide

New Zealand’s injury prevention, rehabilitation and compensation agency adopts e-learning strategy to improve efficiency and staff training

(22 June 2004) The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), which handles approximately 1.5 million personal injury claims a year, has selected Click2learn (now SumTotal)’s Aspen Enterprise Productivity Suite to manage, track and deliver training to 2,200 employees across 40 branch and service centres nationwide. As a Crown entity, ACC is responsible for providing 24-hour injury cover entitlements including medical and rehabilitation services, case management, income replacement and injury prevention services. According to ACC’s e-Learning manager, Deborah Ebbett, the decision to purchase the Aspen Learning Management System (LMS) is the organisation’s first step to incorporate the ‘e’ into learning, and is pivotal in ongoing training in legislation and in meeting compliance obligations. "ACC services a broad range of stakeholders and communities, all of which have complex needs. Incorporating e-learning as part of our organisation’s learning strategy will help to grow the skills and capabilities of our staff while ensuring these diverse stakeholders get the best possible customer service," she said. For more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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