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Leveraging SumTotal Knowledge

SumTotal Systems offers training courses for each product offering, as well as customized training for customers with specific learning needs. The high praises we received from our student evaluations prove that SumTotal's training courses enable you to:

  • Meet business objectives more quickly.
  • Streamline adoption throughout your company.
  • Decrease the learning curve for administrators, instructors and authors.

Designed by award-winning instructional designers, SumTotal’s instructor-led training, online learning and virtual classes offer thorough product instruction, providing you with an in-depth learning experience.

Achieving Your Goals

By taking SumTotal training courses, you will be able to

  • Increase your ability to leverage product features - If administrators, authors and instructors understand how to use SumTotal technology, they can better leverage its capabilities. Administrators can use features to achieve business goals more quickly and effectively; authors can more efficiently develop courses with best practices and shortcuts; and instructors can better teach and manage classes.
  • Facilitate change through rapid immersion - In-depth product training promotes change. Early adopters, like your system administrators, instructors and authors, will demonstrate SumTotal’s power to the rest of your organization. The more rapid the acceptance and successful usage of your solution, the more quickly you meet your business objectives.
  • Decrease inefficiencies - SumTotal training helps your key users understand how to leverage your solution right – the first time. It is easy to use SumTotal technology, but are your administrators using it to the greatest advantage? Without training, customer calls to product support increase. Training helps your administrators create the best solution right out of the gate, preventing extensive rework and more quickly delivering the system to users.
  • Increase training capacity with train-the-trainer options - Maximize your training investment with SumTotal’s train-the-trainer program. We can teach your team to provide comprehensive SumTotal training to other administrators, authors or other users throughout your company. We offer printed or electronic manuals, as well as a training database. Use our courses as they are, or change them to map to your specific business processes or learner needs.
  • Deepen the learning experience with real-world training - SumTotal does not offer “button-click training” where learners focus only on product features. Rather, SumTotal training provides comprehensive, scenario-based learning that brings relevance to the learning experience and highlights our internal and customer best practices in using the SumTotal Suite. When learners leave our classes, they clearly understand how they can apply learning on the job to get the best results.

Flexible Training Opportunities

SumTotal Systems offers a variety of training opportunities so you can find the right type of training to meet your needs.

  • Public training - We provide classroom-based instruction in training locations around the country. These training sessions provide students with multiple hands-on experiences with the products, personal coaching, and one-on-one opportunities with an instructor. Public training provides the most in-depth and hands-on experiences with SumTotal Systems products.
  • SumTotal 2.5 and 6.5 Consulting – If you need to get your employees trained on either SumTotal 2.5 or SumTotal 6.5, we have designed focused consulting sessions.
  • Virtual training - Don't have the budget to travel to a training site? Have less time to engage in training? Many of our courses are delivered virtually. Led by instructors experienced with delivering training in an online environment, we present virtual courses over the Web using standard Web and phone conferencing tools. These courses blend instructor demonstrations with structured, hands-on student activities. You must have a good Internet connection to participate in this training.
  • On-site training - If you have a large number of on-site employees who require training, consider having one of our qualified trainers come to you! By having instructors on-site, you not only minimize travel costs, but also have opportunities to reference your own resources during the training.

If you would like to talk with us about how we might help you strengthen your talent and employee performance, please call us on +61 2 9259 5541 or 1300 130 669 (within Australia) and ask to speak to one of our Sales professionals.

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