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You have employees, customers and partners, all over the world - wouldn't it be great if they could learn, communicate and collaborate at the same time? Looking for a way to efficiently deploy new and updated online training without incurring all of the travel and administrative overhead?

TotalVCS enables live and "on-demand" communication, collaboration and learning over the Web for the delivery of real-time online training and immediate return on investment. TotalVCS eliminates the time and expense of travel, bringing geographically dispersed users together anytime, anywhere.


  • Dramatically reduce costs by eliminating travel and facilities expenses
  • Reduce time and cost required to plan, schedule and conduct online training activities
  • Accelerate the transfer of knowledge with highly interactive and engaging learning experiences
  • Increase participation in learning activities through the convenience of anytime, anywhere online access to live events
  • Rapidly train and certify employees on compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Conveniently deploy recorded and archived content on demand
  • Maximize the return on investment of your training programs with both live and reusable online training courses
  • Keep your entire enterprise up to date on product updates, policies and procedures

Unique Capabilities:

  • Track attendance records and results back to TotalLMS™
  • Integration with leading online virtual classroom vendors including WebEx™, Interwise®, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional and Centra®
  • Capture and categorize virtual events for use as job aids or information modules
  • Use a variety of tools to encourage learning and retention


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