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TotalPerformance provides the functionality you need now, with extensive flexibility and scalability to position your employee performance management system for future growth and change. Fully compatible with each other, TotalPerformance modules share and exchange data to produce powerful reporting and analytics – giving you a “dashboard” into the strength of your organization.

Your employees will actually enjoy the performance management process:

  • Requires only a web browser -- no plug-ins, applets or other add-ons required.
  • Ships with intuitive Visual Profiler™ drag-and-drop rating interface, available only from SumTotal.
  • Welcome screen to-do list links directly to important tasks.
  • Comment assistance, spell check, and Legal Minder™ legal language scanner ensure quality comments.
  • Flexible, easy to synchronize ToGo® enables offline access for any user.

Your HR Administrators will get more support than they ever dreamed of:

  • Your dedicated SumTotal Project Engineer – a real human being – will become like a member of your internal HR team.
  • Real-time status reports keep communication open between your SumTotal implementation team and your project team.
  • Full control over system-generated e-mail content, timing, and distribution give you the confidence to know that your process is exactly mapped to your needs.
  • Sophisticated but easy-to-use reporting engine, along with knowledgeable help from SumTotal, generates graphical reports and helps you create action plans for continuous process and employee performance improvement.
  • Integration with your HRIS, attendance tracking, financial, learning management (LMS), or any other system keeps every data field up-to-the-minute accurate, and provides additional analytics.

Everyone will think the system was built exclusively for them:

  • Modules are available independently or in combination with other TotalPerformance modules.
  • Multiple workflows handle every situation, even exceptions.
  • Use any combination of numeric scales, Likert scales, short answers, or SumTotal's Visual Profiler user interface to create the templates you need.
  • Support for matrix and other complex organizational structures works for today’s dynamic, global organizations.
  • Translates to any language, including double-byte character sets such as Asian languages.
  • New releases always support your custom configuration or customization.

TotalPerformance Modules:

  • Goal Management: Streamline the creation and management of goals at the individual, department, and company level to help every single employee contribute to organizational success.
  • Performance Appraisals: Automate and calibrate your performance appraisal process to improve appraisal accuracy, compliance, and overall employee performance.
  • Multi-Rater/360 Feedback: Assess competencies through feedback from multiple angles, and deliver results that will make an impact on participants’ performance.
  • Workforce & Succession Planning: Assess and develop employee potential through self-service career inventories and detailed, custom-configurable analytics with data integrated from other modules.
  • ToGo®: Work offline without locking out other users.

Special Features & Functionality:

  • Patented Visual Profiler rating interface is the easiest and most intuitive tool available – and it delivers more detailed performance feedback.
  • Integration with your other systems to ensure accurate employee information, and provide additional data for detailed analytics.
  • Integration with your email delivers customized date- or event-drive e-mail reminders, and even delivers dashboard reporting.
  • Developmental resource library is pre-populated with more than 2,500 competency-linked resources, and can be customized with your own resources.
  • ToGo provides offline access without locking out other users.
  • Dashboards deliver analytics within TotalPerformance or to users’ e-mail, with shortcut links to detailed data.
  • Performance calibration tools enable your management team to ensure consistency and equity in performance ratings across all employee groups.
  • Legal Minder™ language scanner flags potentially problematic language, enabling users to write comments confidently.
  • Organizational surveys using our Visual Profiler or other rating systems help you assess employee satisfaction and even customer satisfaction.


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