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SumTotal Systems Customer Services

We focus on our customer – your needs through time and looking to the future – not just a single problem or point in time. We bring applied insight through our depth of knowledge, action that brings your enterprise solution to life, and an eye on results that matter. We provide services that create real business solutions to real business needs.

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Our Approach

We believe in building a long-term partnership with our customers to iteratively implement solutions to their business needs.

It is our belief that we must understand our customers' business, what their goals are, and what success means to them. It's not so much about the features and functionality, but how our customers will use the system to achieve business needs.

Our approach is to partner with our customers for needs assessment and implementations. Your involvement will ensure we meet your business needs, while creating a forum for easy knowledge sharing and rapid decision making.

Proven Results

We have the largest, most experienced services staff in the industry, with more successful implementations than anyone else. Our customers see on-time, on-budget implementations, and are very satisfied with the results. We are very systematic in our approach - our world-class implementation methodology, customer support processes, training methodology, quality assurance and data center procedures are regularly updated to reflect our industry-leading years of experience.

Our Customer Services Offerings:

Standard LMS Base Packages - The TotalLMS Standard LMS base package is an optimized package of services required to assist you in getting the most out of your TotalLMS. It is based on years of experience of implementing TotalLMS using our TotalSuccess methodology, including the following highlighted components:

  • Project Kickoff and Governance- setting the project off on the right course
  • Process Workshop- mapping TotalLMS to your processes
  • Configuration Workshop- hands-on walkthrough of all configurable aspects of TotalLMS
  • Configuration Support- hands-on support for you
  • Technical Consulting- installation, data migration, HRIS data synchronization support
  • TotalLMS Training- on-site training
  • Go-Live Support

Rapid LMS (RD) Packages - The TotalLMS RapidLMS implementation package is an optimized package of services delivered using a modified version of our TotalSuccess methodology. It differs from our Standard LMS Base Package in that it does not contain the Process Workshop or Configuration Consulting. This package is appropriate for customers who have very well defined and simple learning processes, may have already undergone a single LMS implementation in the past and are switching to SumTotal, understand how the LMS will fit within their learning processes, do not have complex organizational structures or issues, and feel that they can adopt TotalLMS with minimal configuration support from us.

Proxy LMS Packages - We will install and configure TotalLMS in our Data Center for use by clients who require a small pilot, or a few Web-based Training (WBT) courses rolled out to a small audience. We expect that there will be a simplistic domain structure, acceptance of our standard configuration and security settings, and simplistic OAA structure to launch only WBT. Though it is not appropriate for all customers, customers who choose this option are looking for a quick solution to deploy web based training content to a small audience. Typically this can be for a pilot, a stop-gap along the road of implementing a full solution, or simply for smaller businesses.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) - We offer complete BPO for our TotalPerformance and TotalCompensation applications, hosting our clients’ custom-configured TotalPerformance software and taking full accountability for the EPM process from implementation through to day-to-day administration. Our clients say their SumTotal single-point-of-contact Project Engineer becomes like one of their own team members. With SumTotal BPO, clients get a depth of knowledge and proactive solution delivery that can’t be duplicated.

TotalPerformance/TotalCompensation Base Packages - SumTotal offers on-premise (behind-the-firewall) or hosted-by-SumTotal installations for clients who prefer to handle their own security, administration, and integration with other enterprise systems. We will install and implement the software to a fully functioning state, then turn it over to the client. Our approach is to work with you on the installation so that your IT team is confident they can install patches, hot fixes and upgrades in the future. Typically, we install two instances- a Test environment and a Production environment. We perform the Test install with your assistance, using our installation preparation tools, checklists, and validation tests. As you install the Production environment, we are there to assist you while you gain the expertise you need to be confident in supporting the installations moving forward. Once the TotalLMS is installed, we are there to assist you with any questions or assistance you may require afterwards.

Industry Specific Packages - Structured around the Enterprise Suite and leveraging our industry expertise, we offer service packages that apply the best practices we see within a specific vertical to provide common changes, configurations and reports. These packages allow a customer to leverage our experiences and those from their industry to rapidly deploy a solution for their eLearning environment.

Additionally SumTotal provides a flexible set of services that may be tailored to meet a customer's needs. These include:

Professional Services

When the system implementation requires changes beyond the Implementation Packages, our services organization will work with each customer to understand their unique business needs and challenges. In tandem we develop a plan that leverages the available resources within the customer's organization and supplements those with key skills within SumTotal, to minimize project risk and maximize business benefit. Providing skills related to system configuration, project management, report creation, course development, change management, we have successfully worked with our customers, large, medium and small to deploy over 1500 solutions. With industry depth in many key verticals, we have delivered call center, sales force readiness, channel effectiveness, customer education and compliance solutions.


We offer comprehensive hosting services that allow extended enterprises to successfully deploy SumTotal applications with minimal IT infrastructure and resources. Through our dedicated application hosting services, our customers receive worldwide access to SumTotal learning and employee performance management applications.


Post-implementation, our platform experts are available to provide our customers with the technical support to maintain and evolve their eLearning and employee performance management solutions. We'll also transfer knowledge to their IT department for continued management and improvement, or we’ll provide complete Business Process Outsourcing.

If you would like to talk with us about how we might help you strengthen your talent and employee performance, please call us on +61 2 9259 5541 or 1300 130 669 (within Australia) and ask to speak to one of our Sales professionals.

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